Powerful Software and a Reasonable Price

Software, Data Processing and Consulting Services.

Management Information Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to producing the most comprehensive and cost effective software products for your business. We utilize all available cutting edge technology to simplify data processing making it virtually effortless. Our software allows your employees to maintain maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality of work. Our biggest asset is our overwhelming knowledge of the industry which was gained through decades of hands-on experience; clearly visible in our software products and services.

In addition to our software products, we operate a professional data processing and collection service. We focus on quick turnaround, professional service and comprehensive reporting. We specialize in billing clean up projects, recouping thousands of hard to find dollars that have, “fallen through the cracks”. Before you write off those losses, give us a chance to collect your hard earned money.

Our consulting services afford you years of knowledge at your finger tips. Rules, formats and regulations are changing regularly and we can guide you through implementation. Identifying and solving a potential problem early is always better than ignoring the predicament, allow it to fester and ultimately pay the financial and legal consequences.

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