Management Information Solutions, Inc. (Business Model)

Application Service Provider (ASP)

Our business model is based on a long term relationship with our clientele. We want our clientele to feel comfortable with us, our software products and the services that we provide. Our monthly fee encompasses several different categories. Our fee is a comprehensive recurring subscription fee that covers all aspects of the software that we’ve created and support.

We do not follow the traditional arrangement between software vendor and client of charging a very large up front fee, limited monthly software and hardware maintenance fees along with hourly billing for programming, training and consulting. We will not “nickel and dime you”, for every minor change or service. We feel that at some point in this type of relationship an adversarial rapport between vendor and client will eventually appear.

Our monthly fee covers four basic categories, hardware maintenance, software maintenance, product support and consultation. Since these services are bundled together, at first it may appear to be expensive however, it’s actually much cheaper and much more productive than the tradition software/client arrangement.


Our software is designed to access data from a remote server by using the internet. By allowing us to maintain the server, there is no extra hardware expense to maintain a server either in-house or with an outside hardware company. This eliminates any friction and finger pointing when a computer problem arises between the software and hardware vendor. More often than not, software problems occur when new hardware or new server software releases are introduced and the existing software is not compatible or require patches to operate. We maintain the integrity of your data and ensure that it’s not tampered with. We’ve all heard horror stories about data problems when it’s been tampered with or maintained by unqualified personnel. Lastly, we back up your data every night to three different remote servers so you never have to worry about your data being safe and secure.


Our software is one package and there is only one version. Every time there is an enhancement, upgrade or change to the software, you’re notified to download a new version. There is no cost when Medicaid (Computer Science) or any other third party insurance carrier changes their billing format. We do not maintain custom software packages for each client. The advantage to you, the client, is that the software is always getting better and better and much more efficient. We don’t purport to know everything; however, we listen to the end users and their suggestions to improve the software. Our ultimate goal is to give you the best product, simple to use and cost effective. Labor costs are by far the biggest expense in any business and it’s our job to provide you with a tool to make people more productive and to automate tedious laborious tasks. To achieve this goal, we utilize all available technology and techniques.

Product Support

Since we operate our own billing and processing service, we utilize the same software package. Our staff is experienced and very knowledgeable in not only the software but, the actual billing process. All of this knowledge and experience is available to you at any time. We will make sure that your staff is properly trained in every aspect of the software and understand the most effective way to collect your money. In the event one of your staff is unable to submit the billing, we will do it for you, so you’ll never miss a billing cycle. We understand that employees come and go and we’re always there to support you, train new personnel or step in, if necessary.


We take pride in our software and to ensure that it’s being properly used, we monitor the progress and report the results. We work for you and your business, not your employees and it’s in our best interest to make sure that the software is doing its job. We’ve been doing Medicaid billing for over thirty years. Throughout the years we’ve been able to gather an enormous amount of knowledge and we want to pass it on to you. One of the most disturbing things is to hear that, “Your software is not working”, when in fact the software is working fine but the people using it lack the experience to effectively utilize it. We make it our business to guide you through this entire process and point out any potential problems before they fester into major tribulations. Our job is to make sure that your business collects every hard earned penny.

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